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Dear Harald, thank you very much for your great professional negotiation training. Definitely my team and myself kept with a great opinion about your workshop and hopefully we meet you again for future sales and marketing workshop. This workshop helped us to learn how to stand out of the crew and understand better to our customers needs. - Thank you!
Erick Mayo
AUDI/VW Sales Coordinator
Hella Automotive Mexico
– Tlalnepantla (Mexico)
Dear Harald, I wanted to take a moment and express what a pleasure it was to work with you at the Sales and Negotiation training for NAO. The team found strong value in the training and especially liked that it was Automotive and BENTELER specific. Together with our Customer Line Directors we will see when we can schedule another round of this training in 2016. Thank you for sharing your passion, expertise and drive for improvement with us. I am confident that this was an excellent step in helping our business units approach their roles more strategically and with a different set of tools.
Andre Moraitis
Training and Development Manager NAO Human Resources
BENTELER Automotive Corporation
Dear Harald, I really thank you for your training. You showed me some new ways of thinking and I think your methods were great in provoking ideas I had not thought of. Your presentation style was always highly interesting to keep the attention of the audience. Also thanks for the additional advise on the phone from Harald Schatz, it was great to get some "fresh eyes" input.
Andrew Carey
Sales Manager Jaguar/Land Rover

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